Our Friends

We are working with microproducers.  Some of our friends do not have their own web site or email addresses, so this page is dedicated to the people behind the amazing animals we source.

Cedar Ridge Farm

Elgin, IA

Hand gathered, free range, all natural, non-GMO eggs.  At Cedar Ridge Farm, our modern chicken housing includes a large building with plenty of room for hens to move about.  There are sufficient windows to allow natural sunlight to shine in.  Hens like to venture into the grassy pasture where they spend most of their time.  Our hens are humanely raised and are fed an all-natural non-GMO balanced diet consisting of organic alfalfa meal, corn, soybean meal, calcium (for shell quality), vitamins, minerals, and fresh grass.  Cedar Ridge Eggs are hand picked from the hen’s nests, washed, sanitized, then candled and allowed to air dry before being packed to ensure the finest quality and handling. The  Neal and Carolyn Lambright Family raises these eggs.

Thousand Hills Cattle Company


Based in Cannon Falls, Minnesota,  Thousand Hills Cattle Company is committed to producing the best quality 100% grass fed beef. Thousand Hills recipe for the best quality cattle depends on selection of optimum cattle genetics for grass fed beef, good pasture and grazing management, including fencing, watering systems, and flexible, rotational grazing systems, and improving the quality and quantity of forages grown.

Lein Corriedales & Lincolns

Lein Farms raises Corriedales and Lincolns.  Nathan and his parents have been raising and showing sheep for 40 years.  Lein Farms raises their lambs properly by not adding hormones or feeding antibiotics.  While the focus is on purebred seedstock and genetic preservation, the sheep must perform on pasture and raise their lambs.  Our farm is not a hobby show flock.  It is a production flock with national championship genetics behind it.

Berkwood Farms


Berkwood Farms consists of a network of small family farmers who take pride in company ownership. They follow a firm set of protocols that are practical, humane, and very sustainable. The producers are very conscientious of how the pigs are raised and do so with the utmost care. Many are using production methods that have been passed down through many family generations.

  • No antibiotics or hormones are used to promote unnatural growth
  • Raised with room to move – No confined spaces
  • Fed a wholesome, all vegetarian, grain based diet
  • Grown in a manner to minimize stress

Popsie Fish Company


If you’re looking for high quality fresh and smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon, you’ve come to the right place.  At The Popsie Fish Company they catch and process the highest quality salmon themselves.  They offer thebest and tastiest fresh frozen and smoked salmon available.  The Popsie Fish Company is located in Homer, Alaska.  The Popsie Fish Company has been fishing in Briston Bay since 1982, and is committed to bringing you the best products they can.  Tony graduated from Iowa State University so the salmon has an Iowa connection as well.

Timber Ridge Cattle Company


Timber Ridge, based in Osceola, Iowa, is dedicated to producing a healthier meat product and flax-feeds their cattle. Flax-feeding can significantly improve herd health and an increase in the Omega’3 fatty acids in the beef muscle by feeding flax-seed in the ration. Timber Ridge implements these feeding practices along with a strict no hormone, no antibiotic, and no feed additive (ionophores) policy.

Timber Ridge uses a smoked meat process to deliver high Omega-3 beef to the consumer because of its use of low heat.  Exposure to high heat will covert healthy fats into trans-fats.   The meat  used in their products is trimmed to 90% lean.  Their beef sticks and summer sausage contain no MSG or sodium nitrite.   Cattle are processed at a small family-owned federally inspected facility that handles on average 5-6 head per day.  Compare that to the thousands per day processed at large commercial packing plants and you can see why Timber Ridge boasts exceptional product cleanliness, safety, and reliability.

In addition to the beef sticks, we also carry flax fed steaks and primal cuts from Timber Ridge.

Heartland Emu


Heartland Emu Marketing Coop is a 501 value-added cooperative formed between Iowa emu farmers. Established in 1997, Heartland provides an outlet for emus produced by the cooperative’s members.

County Line Bison

Some of our bison comes from County Line Bison, Al & Mary Hockemeyer, Hudson IA.  Locally raised free range bison.  

Heartland Discount

Randall Esau is raising ABF free range chickens in Riceville, IA.  Processed at an USDA facility, these birds are making a splash at various tables and restaurants throughout the Cedar Valley.

Kehrli Farms

Winthrop, IA

Raising humanely and outdoor Berkshire and Red Wattle hogs, Ken was a pioneer in the Berkshire rebirth movement in the United States. Still going strong Kerhli Farms does a good amount of business with Japan. Now available through Big Boy Meats!

Silent E Farms

Marion, IA

Raising duck eggs the right way, Ryan and Savanna Lange let their ducks outside every morning, put them in every night and hand gather the eggs by hand.

Grassway Organic Farm

Maynard, IA

Our journey to organic production began in February 2015 and will be complete in September 2017 with a certified organic dairy herd and 711 acres. Our transition has had many ups and downs, but we are so pleased with our decision to leave conventional dairy/crop practices.

We believe the foundation of agriculture and all life on this planet begins with our rich soils and sunlight. Our goal is to manage our farm, land, and livestock in nature’s image by creating a balance that maximizes solar energy utilization and promotes the natural cycles of nature.

Grassway Farm is located near the quaint little town of Maynard, Iowa. Scott and Catherine Wedemeier farm with Scott’s parents, Gary and Becky, on the original homestead that was purchased in 1964 by Scott’s grandparents. Scott and Catherine are now raising their four children on the farm and love the country life. Between the cows, pigs, lambs, chickens, ducks and crops, there is never a dull moment at Grassway Farm.

All of our producers are dedicated to properly raising animals, including not adding hormones and doing free range practices allowable to their operation.  Interested in becoming a source?  Contact us and we will be happy to talk to you.

In our quest to provide the most fresh and local meat processing, we are happy to announce that we will be using the Gilbertville Locker in Gilbertville, IA and Winthrop Locker in Winthrop, IA for our processing. They are a family owned and operated entity just like us and are committed to doing things the right and humane way.